In 2022, I obtained a PhD in atmospheric physics, which entailed conducting research and communicate my findings in different publications and various talks.

During my PhD, I participated in two 2-month field measurement campaigns in the Arctic. The conduction in the remote location required detailed planning and coordination with our international collaborators.

During my PhD, I participated in a 10-week field measurement campaign in Davos, Switzerland, where I co-lead a team of five scientists.

I see sharing your knowledge as most important. As such, I supervised student's theses, taught university courses, and obtained a physics teaching certificate.

Ever since teenage years, I've planned and lead technics installations at many occasions varying from student events e.g., at StuZ or theater productions e.g., at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

Best communication bases on optimal vizualization. I put high emphasis on ideal representation and visual appeal to illustrations and data figures.