Born in 1991, I grew up and lived in Stuttgart (Germany) until I graduated from high school. In 2011, I moved to Zurich (Switzerland) to pursue studying physics at ETH Zurich. I have always been fascinated by understanding the world, which is why I focused on particle and astrophysics in my master's studies and eventually led me to atmospheric physics. Driven by unbridled curiosity, I completed a PhD between 2018 and 2022 in atmospheric physics with a focus on aerosols, clouds, and their interactions.

During my PhD I participated in different month-long field measurement campagins that led me to the Swiss Alps and into the Arctic on Svalbard. In these remote regions, I measured the abundance of aerosol particles that are needed for the formation of clouds - a crucial information for not only improving weather forecasts but also for better climate projections.

My great affinity for hands-on technology has not just existed since performing my PhD measurements. Since my teenage years, I have planned and managed technology installations on many different occasions, ranging from student events to professional theater productions. Additionally, I enjoy fixing broken equipment.

Understandable knowledge communication and transfer is one of the most important actions to me. As such, I enjoy working together with students on their theses, and teaching programming, math, and physics on university and high school level.

Contact me for further information - I am also happy to share my CV with you.